Castleford Tigers Supporters Club donate £1,000 for pre-season camp to Castleford Tigers Women Team.

During their latest event the Castleford Tigers Supporters Club donated £1,000 towards the women’s pre-season camp in the Yorkshire Dales.

By Andrea Mena

The donation was announced as fans gathered at the Glassblower for the club's 2020 membership launch. Many also came down to catch up with fellow supporters and players from the men’s, women’s, PDRL and LDRL teams.

For the last two years the women's team has travelled to the Yorkshire Dales as part of their pre-season. This year, Lindsay Anfield's side will be doing the same but thanks to the donation they won't have to fund the outing themselves.

The Supporters Club was originally set up in 2004. Paul Burns-Williamson has been part of the club since its inaugural year, he joined the committee two years later in 2006 and has been part of it ever since. He said: “Back in the day when we set up, the club weren’t doing so well financially so we saw it as a way to help out.

“In recent years when the club has been doing better, it’s a social way of keeping all the fans together and now we’ve got the women’s team, PDRL, LDRL, u18s and u16s. We’re trying to bridge that gap between the club and the supporters”.

Amongst the many fans that turned up to the Glassblower pub on a rainy December’s evening, two of the Tigresses were also in attendance. Rhiannon Marshall and Sammy Watts came along with head coach Lindsay Anfield to thank the fans for their donation.

Forward Rhiannon showed her appreciation and shared why it’s important to attend these events. She said: “It keeps them interactive with us. We massively appreciate what they do for us and it’s important that we connect with them.”

Sammy added: “Considering they’re donating to us and sponsoring us for the first time this year, it’s good to come down and show just how much we appreciate what they do for us.”

The Supporters Club have donated £1,000 to the women’s team to pay for their team building weekend which will take place in February. In previous years the women have had to fund the trip individually.

The Tigresses had a very successful 2019 season, lifting the League Leaders’ Shield and attending two major finals.

Rhiannon recognises that the fans had a big part to play in the team’s success saying: “I think we had the top attendance in Women’s Super League and I think especially halfway through the season they gave us that kick. Just to think we’ve got a lot of people behind us here we need to keep working hard.”

But the Castleford Supporters Club is not the only fan club in town as Sammy Watts has her own personal fan group. You may have spotted the ‘Sammy Watts fan club’ banner as well as hearing her vocal fan base at a few games last season!

Sammy added: “It’s basically a collection of my friends and family. It’s escalated no, I think people believe I’ve actually got a fan club, people are more than welcome to join.”

The Tigresses will return to training next month ahead of the 2020 campaign.

If you are interested in joining the Supporters Club, memberships are £15 for the season with a water bottle and bag included, or just £7.50 without the gifts. Supporters meet monthly to discuss different subjects surrounding the club.


Sammy Watts, Christine Taylor, 

Rhiannon Marshall, Rachel Brocklehurst and 

Lindsay Anfield.

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