On behalf of the CTSC Committee I would like to say a few words about the passing of Jack Fulton, firstly all the committee would like to send our sincere condolences to the Fulton family at this very sad time.

Jack was a supporter of our great club, his financial support in good and bad times gave us the fans the opportunity to follow the Tigers, which Jack knew meant so much to so many people. Without Jack and his families commitment the very existence of the club would have been in severe danger.

We had the great pleasure of meeting Jack in the last 10 years at our annual 'Meet the directors' events, he always listened but let other directors do the talking, the one thing that we did know from the meetings, was that Jack cared intensely for the club.

It is very fitting that Jack got to lead the team out at Wembley last year and we sincerely hope that Jack got to hear the news about Five Towns Park yesterday.

Thank you Jack Fulton.

CTSC Committee
Dave Bowman
Paul Burns-Williamson
Vicki Ellis
Ken Harrison
Christine Taylor
Keith Taylor
Derek Whale

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