Senior Players Evening

Sponsored by EHS Domestic Appliances

Tuesday 12th June

Riverside Signs and Design Restaurant

Special guests Michael Shenton, Jake Webster, Luke Gale, Grant Millington

and Paul McShane.

Another packed house and the questions started with congratulations to Michael Shenton on becoming the Castleford Tigers player with the most super league appearances.

He was asked about his debut and he remembers it very well, against Wigan has a seventeen year old. Paul, Luke and Jake were asked about there injuries. Jake is ready for selection, Paul a week away and Luke has the brace removed next week.

Each player was asked about the current season, the recently announced England squad, the proposals by Super League for the new League structure, players having a say in the sports future, a players union and safeguarding of players.

Some excellent questions from the audience, included the thoughts about playing at Castleford and what it meant to each player, thoughts about the new ground. The players views on the style of play this season and how we will play in the closing rounds and super 8s.

Luke was asked about his academy that he is running to promote half back play, his aim is to use is experience to help junior rugby and increase the numbers who want to play the game.

Paul was also asked about his coaching role at Hunslet Parkside who are going very well.

Grant talked about how the senior players were raising there game, especially with the large amount of injuries this season.

A raffle was conducted and 5 prizes were handed out.

The second half was more a fun session, Paul was asked about his legendary pranks, which were usually carried out on Luke, laying under cars and dinner tables were some that he mentioned.

Jake was asked about how modern technology had helped his game, computer software and how it was applied to player development.

A discussion then took place on the various equipment the CTSC had donated to the club and how it had helped the players, Luke adding his hilarious comments which really entertained the audience.

A great night, special thanks to Michael,Luke,Grant,Paul and Jake for your attendance.

Thanks to everyone who attended, we raised £157.50 on the night.

Next CTSC Event

Tuesday 10th July

Guided tour of the MAH Jungle Stadium

Sponsored by theprintstoreuk

Don't miss this chance for you to look around the stadium and view the equipment that the CTSC members have purchased for the club. Tour starts at 7.45pm.
Admission £1 members, £3 non members and a raffle will take place.
Everyone welcome.

More details to follow.










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